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Enforcement Press Releases

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  • CFTC Files Complaint Charging New York Currency Research Corporation with Failure to Produce Books and Records, 4089-97 (CFTC Docket #98-3), December 18, 1997.
  • CFTC Files Administrative Complaint Against Reifler Trading Corp., Liberty Futures, Inc., and Three Individuals Alleging Unregistered "Correspondent" Relationships, Among Other Violations of Federal Commoidty Law and CFTC Regulations, 4088-97 (CFTC Docket #98-2), December 18, 1997.
  • Ohio Court Permanently Bars Allied Financial Group, Inc (AFG) of Powell, Ohio, and Robert Bobo from the Futures Industry; AFG and Bobo Agree to Pay Restitution to Defrauded Investors, 4086-97 (C2-94-981), December 11, 1997.


  • CFTC Files Civil Action Against James M. Zoller and Tech-Comm Limited Partnerships For Fraud: Court Issues Preliminary Injunction 4083-97 (Civ 97-5691), November 25, 1997
  • CFTC Charges Florida Companies, Three Principals, With Nationwide Telemarketing Scheme Involving Illegal Off-exchange Futures Contracts in Precious Metals, Heating Oil, Other Commodities 4082-97 (Civ 97-7422) , November 24, 1997
  • Florida Court Finds Richard E. Maseri in Contempt for His Transfer of Frozen Assets in Violation of Consent Order of Preliminary Injunction; Maseri Is Ordered to Pay $33,000, 4081-97 (Civ 95-6970), November 19, 1997.
  • Michigan Court Issues Permanent Injunction Finding That Daniel M. O'Shaughnessey Defrauded Pool Customers of Over $435,000, 4079-97 (96-CV-10421-BC), November 12, 1997.
  • Pennsylvania Court Issues Permanent Injunction Against Robert H. Rutman in CFTC Anti-Fraud Enforcement Action, Effectively Barring Him From the Futures Industry, 4074-97, November 5, 1997.


  • CFTC ALJ Finds First Commercial Financial Group, Inc. (FCFG) Mark E. Rehn and John A. Hermanson Liable for Violating Capital Requirements and Filing False Reports in Connection With Check-Kiting Scheme, 54-97, October 30, 1997.
  • CFTC Accepts Settlement Offer of Edward T. Hamlet of Boca Raton, Florida Finding The He Aided and Abetted Commodity Fraud, 4071-97 (CFTC Docket No. 94-14), October 30, 1997.
  • CFTC Files Civil Injunctive Complaint and Motion of Preliminary Injunction Against Brien Sullivan of Honolulu, Hawaii, 4067-97 (97-Civ-01478), October 23, 1997.
  • CFTC Charges Global Link Miami Corporation and Three Individuals with Fraud in the Offer and Sale of Illegal Futures Contracts, 4066-97 (CFTC Docket 98-1), October 22, 1997.
  • U.S. District Court Grants Summary Judgment to CFTC in Fraud Action Against Richard E. Maseri of Boca Raton, FLA., and Private Research, Inc., 4065-97 (95-Civ-6970), October 21, 1997.
  • Preliminary Injunction Entered Against FTI Financial Group of Toledo, Ohio, and Three of Its Partners in CFTC Anti-Fraud Enforcement Action, 4063-97, October 10, 1997.
  • New York Federal Court Denies Motion to Dismiss in Case Brought By CFTC Involving Commodity Trading Advice Given Through Computer Software, 4062-97, October 3, 1997. Full text of Opinion and Order.
  • Permanent Injunction and Multimillion Dollar Disgorgement Order Entered Against Carrington Financial Corp., Marc S. Wuensch, and A. Francis Sidoti in CFTC Anti-Fraud Action, 4061-97, October 2, 1997.


  • CFTC Files Statutory Disqualification Action Against Mark S. Shaner, Effectively Barrring Him From the Futures Industry, 4057-97, September 26, 1997.
  • Illinois Court Permanently Bars Anthony S. Ramirez and Abacus Investment Group Inc., From the Futures Industry, 4056-97, September 26, 1997.
  • Tennessee Court Issues Preliminary Injunction in CFTC Enforcement Action Against Ronald Barback, 4055-97, September 24, 1997.
  • California Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order and Asset Freeze Order in CFTC Enforcement Action Against L.A. Forex, Inc. and Two Individuals, All of Redondo Beach, California 4052-97 (97-Civ 6800) September 16, 1997
  • CFTC Files Anti-Fraud Enforcement Action in New Yourk Federal Court Against Templer International, Ltd., Worldwide Commodities, Ltd., Worldwide's President William Sanchez, and Templer's President Brian Willis, 4050-97 (97 Civ 5255), September 8, 1997
  • CFTC Files Anti-Fraud Enforcement Action Against Willy Kerzinger of Michigan and Simultaneously Accepts Settlement Barring him from the Industry and Requiring him to Pay Disgorgement, 4049-97, September 4, 1997


  • CFTC Files Two Count Anti-Fraud Enforcement Action Against Ronald Barback, A Tennessee-Based Commodity Trading Advisor, 4045-97, (97 Civ. 638), August 28, 1997.
  • New York Court Issues Ex Parte Asset Freeze Order in CFTC Enforcement Action Againt Oscar A. Klitin and Klitin Associates, II, Both of Great Neck, New York, 4044-97, (97 Civ. 4793), August 28, 1997.
  • CFTC Files Enforcement Action Against First Capital Strategists of York, Pennsylvania, and the Four Partners of the Firm and Simultaneously Accepts Respondents' Settlement Offer, 4043-97, (CFTC Docket #97-14), August 13, 1997.
  • CFTC Charges Global Currencies, Ltd., Leon Levitis, Ilya Levitis, Alex Efrosman, and Paul Manfre with Fraud in the Sale of Illegal Foreign Currency Futures Contracts, 4042-97 (CFTC Docket 97-13), August 7, 1997.


  • U.S. District Court Dismisses First Amendment Challenge to Commodity Trading Advisor Registration Requirement, 4040-97, August 1, 1997.
  • CFTC Discontinues Off-Exchange Task Force, 38-97, July 30, 1997.
  • CFTC Files Administrative Complaint Charging Curtis McNair Arnold and London Financial, Inc. with Fraud and Failure to Register in Commection with Marketing, Sale and Trading of "Pattern Probability Strategy" Trading System, 4039-97 (CFTC Docket #97-12) July 31, 1997.
  • CFTC Prevails in Action to Enforce Administrative Subpoenas, 4038-97, July 30, 1997.
  • CFTC Files and Settles Administrative Proceedings against Visioneering Resarch & Development Co., and Robert W. Everson for Violations of the Commission's Performance Record Regulations, 4037-97 (CFTC Docket 97-11), July 30, 1997.
  • Pennsylvania Court Issues Consent Decree And Order Of Preliminary Injunction in CFTC Action Against Robert H. Rutman #4033-97 (Civ. Action No. 97-CV-3141) July 2, 1997
  • Texas Court Issues Permanent Injunction In CFTC Action Against Eugene Morris Walter And Orders him To Pay Customer Restitution #4032-97 (3-96-CV-2734-T) July 1, 1997


  • CFTC Files and Settles Administrative Proceeding Against Mitsubishi Corp., Merrill Lynch Futures, Inc., Country Hedging, Inc., and Charles B. Soule for Wash Sales Violations #4031-97 (CFTC Docket #97-10) June 24, 1997 Full Text of Order
  • CFTC Charges California Company, Its President and Three of the Firm's Telemarketers with Fraud in Sale of Illegal, Off-Exchange Precious Metals Futures Contracts Nationwide #4030-97 (Civ. 97-4443) June 23, 1997 Full Text of Complaint
  • CFTC Files Anti-Fraud Enforcement Action Against Murray Ira Rosenberg (d/b/a Pro Broker Services, Inc.) of Mullica Hill, New Jersey #4029-97 (Civ 97-2927) June 19, 1997
  • CFTC Files Action Against Michael Myatt, Pragmacapital Corporation, And The Berkshire Internation Hedge Fund L.P. II, All Of Beaverton, Oregon, Seeking Permanent Injunction #4026-97 June 5, 1997



  • CFTC Files Charges Against AVCO Financial Corp. 4015-97 (97Civ-3119) April 30, 1997 Full Text of Complaint
  • CFTC Accepts Settlement Offer of Christopher Engel #4014-97 (CFTC Docket No. 93-5) April 29, 1997
  • U.S. District Court in Illinois Issues Permanent Injunction in CFTC Anti-Fraud Action Against Gary Bruce Anderson #4013-97 (Civ 95-C-5422), April 22, 1997
  • EX PARTE Asset Freeze Ordered by California Court in CFTC Enforcement Action Against AC Trading #4012-97 (Civ 97-1360), April 22, 1997
  • CFTC Files Satutory Disqualification Action Against Kevin Michael Hanley and Simultaneously Accepts His Settlement Offer, Which Includes a Two-Year Period of Conditioned Registration. 4009-97 (CFTC Docket No. SD 97-4) April 9, 1997
  • Federal Court Approves CFTC Settlement with Yuan-Yi Lao Who Was Charged With the Unlawful Offer and Sale of Foreign Currency Futures #4008-97 (CV-93-0088) April 3, 1997


  • CFTC Issues Report of Investigation In the Matter of Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc. #4007-97. March 19,1997 Text of Full report.
  • CFTC Settles Complaint Against Two CME Floor Brokers -- Timothy Scott Fox and James Michael Garrity-- Charged in 1995 in Connection with Pork Belly Futures Trading #4006-97 (CFTC Docket 95-6) March 19, 1997
  • CFTC Files Complaint Charging Eugene Lyon Jewett, II, of Los Angeles with Violating Federal Commodity Law #4005-97 (CFTC Docket 97-7) March 19, 1997
  • CFTC Accepts Settlement Offer from Craig W. Effron #4001-97 (CFTC Docket 93-2) March 12, 1997
  • CFTC Accepts Settlement Offer from John P. Gandolfo #4002-97 (CFTC Docket #93-2) March 12, 1997
  • CFTC Issues Statutory Disqualification Against James P. Graeber, Jr. and Simultaneously Accepts His Offer, Which Includes a Two Year Period of Restricted Registration #4000-97 (CFTC Docket No. SD 97-2) March 7, 1997


  • CFTC Accepts Settlement Offer from Mark J. Sitzmann, David E. Sitzmann, and Sitzmann Commodities Inc., In Connection with CFTC Action Filed in 1996 #3996-97 (CFTC Docket # 96-5) February 27, 1997
  • CFTC Complaint Charges Sean G. Kelly With Failure to Keep and Maintain Books and Records #3997-97 (CFTC Docket #97-6) February 27, 1997
  • Florida Court Issues Permanent Injunction Against James V Dowler, Jr and Dowler & Beekman Trading Co. #3995-97 (Civ 96-14284) February 27, 1997
  • Permanent Injunction Issued By California Court in CFTC Enforcement Action Against Carl J. Hermans of North Hollywood #3992-97 (CV-97-0777) February 21, 1997
  • Permanent Injunction Issued Against Edward M. Collins of Hoffman Estates, Illinois, in CFTC Anti-fraud Action Filed in 1994 #3993-97 (94-C4375) February 21, 1997
  • EX PARTE Asset Freeze Order Issued By California Court in CFTC Enforcement Action Against Carl J. Hermans of North Hollywood, California #3991-97 (CV97-0777RSWL) February 12, 1997
  • U.S. District Court In Colorado Issues Orders Of Permanent Injunction In CFTC Anti- Fraud Action Against Brian Prendergast Of Colorado And Joel De Angelis Of California In 1996 Prism Case #3990-97 February 6, 1997


  • CFTC Complaint Charges New York Forex Ex-Center Corp. and Two Individuals with Fraud #3986-97 Also: Full Text of Complaint: January 28, 1997
  • CFTC Accepts Settlement Of Cantor Fitzgerald & Co. #3987-97 Also: Full Text Of Order January 28, 1997
  • CFTC Accepts Settlement Offer in Statutory Disqualification Action Against CBOT Floor Broker Richard C. Hayes, Which Includes Revocation of Hayes' Registration #3985-97 January 16, 1997
  • CFTC Prevails In Action to Enforce Aministrative Subpoenas Requiring Testimont And Production of Documents Related to London Financial, Inc., of Jupiter, Florida #3984-97 January 2, 1997