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Enforcement Press Releases

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  • Florida Court Issues Preliminary Injunction in CFTC Anti-fraud Enforcement Action Against Maseri, et. al. #3877-95 (November 3, 1995)


  • CFTC Files Six-Count Administrative Complaint Against Gary K. Bielfeldt, Carlotta Bielfeldt, and Bielfeldt & Co.#3871-95 (October 31, 1995)
  • CFTC Files Civil Action Against Gary Bruce Anderson #3868-95 (October 12, 1995)


  • CFTC Order Imposes $2.25 Million Civil Penalty Against MG Refining and Marketing, Inc. and MG Futures, Inc.; Other Remedial Sanctions Include Review of Internal Control Systems for Risk Management #3859-95 (July 27, 1995)