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  • [Federal Register: January 7, 2008 (Volume 73, Number 4)]


    [Page 1205]

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    Requests Pursuant to Section 4(c) of the Commodity Exchange Act

    To Extend the Exemption Granted Under Part 35 of the Commission's

    Regulations to Certain Over-The-Counter Swaps and To Determine as

    Eligible Swap Participants Certain Floor Brokers and Traders

    AGENCY: Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

    ACTION: Extension of Comment Period.


    SUMMARY: The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (``Commission'')

    published on December 6, 2007, a notice of request for comment on

    exemption requests.\1\ Specifically, the Commission requested comment

    on whether to extend the exemption granted under Part 35 of the

    Commission's regulations to certain over-the-counter (``OTC'') swaps

    that do not meet certain of the requirements otherwise imposed by

    Commission Regulation 35.2., as requested by ICE Clear U.S., Inc., a

    registered derivatives clearing organization, pursuant to section 4(c)

    of the Commodity Exchange Act (``Act''). The Commission also requested

    comment on a request from ICE Futures U.S., Inc. pursuant to section

    4(c) of the Act that certain floor traders and floor brokers who are

    registered with the Commission, when trading for their own accounts,

    may be determined to be eligible swap participants and permitted to

    enter into certain specified OTC swap transactions.


    \1\ 72 FR 68862 (December 6, 2007).


    A potential commenter has asked for an extension of the comment

    period in light of fact that much of the initial comment period fell

    during the end-of-year holiday period. The Commission is extending the

    comment period by 30 days.

    DATES: Comments must be received on or before February 6, 2007.

    ADDRESSES: Comments may be submitted by any of the following methods:

    Federal eRulemaking Portal: Follow the instructions

    for submitting comments.

    E-mail: Include ``ICE Clear Section

    4(c) Request'' in the subject line of the message.

    Fax: 202-418-5521.

    Mail: Send to David A. Stawick, Secretary, Commodity

    Futures Trading Commission, Three Lafayette Centre, 1155 21st Street,

    NW., Washington, DC 20581.

    Courier: Same as mail above.

    All comments received will be posted without change to


    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Lois J. Gregory, Special Counsel, 816-

    960-7719,, or Robert B. Wasserman, Associate

    Director, 202-418-5092,, Division of Clearing and

    Intermediary Oversight; or Duane C. Andresen, Special Counsel, 202-418-

    5492,, Division of Market Oversight, Commodity

    Futures Trading Commission, Three Lafayette Centre, 1155 21st Street,

    NW., Washington, DC 20581.

    Issued in Washington, DC, on January 2, 2008 by the Commission.

    David A. Stawick,

    Secretary of the Commission.

    [FR Doc. E8-11 Filed 1-4-08; 8:45 am]

    BILLING CODE 6351-01-P

    Last Updated: January 7, 2008