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External Meetings: Meeting w/ American Gas Association

12/12/2013 10:00 AM
XXVI. Position Limits

CFTC Staff:
Stephen Sherrod
Arushi Sharma (AGA)

Andrew Soto (AGA)

Jim Stanzione (National Grid)

Kevin Frank (Atmos Energy)

Tina Faust (Questar Gas Company)

Susan Bergles (NW Natural Gas Company)

Paul Buckley (Washington Gas Light Company)

Scott Butler (Consolidated Edison Co. of New York)

Ken Christman (Nisource Distribution Companies)

Pete Connor (consultant to AGA)

Kurt Dallinger (Xcel Energy)

Rich Dobson (Integrys Energy Group)

John Ellis (Sempra Utilities)

Tamara Evey (Ameren)

Bruce Henning (ICF International)

Drake Kijowski (PSEG Energy Resources and Trade)

Chris Knapp (PECO Energy)

Bernard Kramer (DTE Energy)

Steve Lemrond (New Mexico Gas Company)

Deborah Moss (CMS Energy)

Mike Novak (National Fuel Gas Distribution Company)

Adam Pyles (CenterPoint Energy)

Deepak Raval (Nisource Distribution Companies)

Jenny Reetz (Integrys Energy Group)

Randy Rucinski (National Fuel Gas Distribution Company)

Lisa Simpkins (Exelon Corporation)

Denice Simpson (Ameren)

Brian Wiese (MidAmerican Energy Company)
American Gas Association (AGA)

National Grid

Atmos Energy

Questar Gas Company

NW Natural Gas Company

Washington Gas Light Company

Consolidated Edison Co. of New York

Nisource Distribution Companies

Xcel Energy

Integrys Energy Group

Sempra Utilities


ICF International

PSEG Energy Resources and Trade

PECO Energy

DTE Energy

New Mexico Gas Company

CMS Energy

National Fuel Gas Distribution Company

CenterPoint Energy

National Fuel Gas Distribution Company

Exelon Corporation

MidAmerican Energy Company

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