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External Meetings: Meeting w/MFA

12/8/2010 2:00 PM
II. Definitions

VI. Segregation and Bankruptcy

IX. Governance & Possible Limits

XII. DCM Core Principles

XIII. SEF Registration

XVI. Swap Data Repositories Registration

XXIII. Anti-Manipulation

XXIV. Disruptive Trading Practices

CFTC Staff:
Scott O'Malia

Laura Gardy

Chris Iacovella

Adrianne Joves
Carlotta King

Jennifer Han

Scott Parsons

Steve Waldman

David Hong

Rupert Cox

Adam Cooper

Scott Beardsley

Delta Strategy Group

King Street Capital Management

BlueMountain Capital Management, LLC

Citadel LLC

Brevan Howard, Inc.

Tudor Investment Corporation
  • Participants discussed issues related to MSP definitions, segregation, swaps, disruptive trading practices, manipulation, and governance.

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