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External Meetings: Captive Finance End-User Clearing Exception Issues

11/30/2010 4:35 PM
XI. End-user Exception

CFTC Staff:
Tim Karpoff, John Riley, and George Wilder.
John Lewis Brown, Deere Credit

Jim Dueinsing, Caterpillar Financial Services

William Horwath, Volkswagen

Martin Luedtke, Volkswagen

Ryan McKee, US Chamber of Commerce

Sam Peterson, Chatham Financial

Cynthia Sandherr, Deere & Company

Tom Spitzfaden, Deere & Company

Clay Thompson, Caterpillar

Dennis Tosh, Ford Motor Credit

Dan Waldman, Arnold & Porter on behalf of Toyota Finance

JT Young, Ford Motor Company

Luke Zubrod, Chatham Financial
Deere Credit

Caterpillar Financial Services


Deere & Company


Ford Motor Company

Arnold & Porter on behalf of Toyota Finance

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