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External Meetings: OTC Derivative Regulators' Forum Meeting with Trade Repositories

11/3/2010 9:00 AM
XVI. Swap Data Repositories Registration

XVII. Data Recordkeeping

CFTC Staff:
Sarah Josephson, Aaron Miller
Andrew Green (DTCC Derivatives Repository Ltd), Stewart Macbeth (DTCC Derivatives Repository Ltd), Marisol Collazo (DTCC Warehouse Trust Company), Iain McLelland (DTCC Warehouse Trust Company ), Jesus Benito (Regis-TR) Thilo Derenbach (Regis-TR), Mireille Dyrberg (TriOptima), Raf Pritschard (TriOptima), Bradley Koehler (Xtrakter Limited) Janet McGrath (Xtrakter Limited)
DTCC Derivatives Repository Ltd, DTCC Warehouse Trust Company, Regis-TR, TriOptima, Xtrakter Limited
  • As part of the OTC Derivatives Regulators’ Forum, participants discussed their trade repository businesses and how they operate and interact with regulators globally.