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External Meetings: Meeting with U.S. Chamber of Commerce

11/2/2010 3:30 PM
II. Definitions

V. Capital & Margin

XI. End-user Exception

XVIII. Real Time Reporting

XXVI. Position Limits

CFTC Staff:
Gary Gensler

Rosemary Hollinger
Bill Adams (Nuveen Investments, Inc.)

Terry Bardy (Winston & Strawn)

Jack Callahan (CME Group)

Jake Calvani (Winston & Strawn)

Elliot chambers (Chesapeake Energy)

Adam Cooper (Citadel)

Oscar David (Winston & Strawn)

Chris Edwards ( Winston & Strawn)

Basil Godellas ( Winston & Strawn)

Jill Harlan (Caterpillar, Inc.)

Graham Harper (Delta Strategies)

Jonathan Jachym (CME Group)

Marla Kreindler (Winston & Strawn)

Ryan McKee (U.S. Chamber of Commerce)

Marvin Miller (Winston & Strawn)

Verett Mims (The Boeing Company)

Wesley Nissen (Winston & Strawn)

Michael O'Brien (Winston & Strawn)

John Olson (TruMarx Data Partners Inc.)

Michael Philipp (Winston & Strawn)

Collin Roche (GTCR Golden Rauner)

Camille Rudge (The PrivateBank & Trust Co.)

Lawrence Samuels (McGuire Woods)

Joe Siu (Chatham)

Tom Spitzfaden (Deere & Company)

Andrew Stevens (IMC Financial Markets)

Dan Wagner (Inland)

Jane Western (The Boeing Company)

Karen Wuertz (National Futures Association)
Winston & Strawn

CME Group

Chesapeake Energy


Caterpillar, Inc.

Delta Strategies

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The Boeing Company

TruMarx Data Partners Inc.

GTCR Golder Rauner

The PrivateBank & Trust Co.

McGuire Woods


Deere & Company

IMC Financial Markets

  • AFter addressing the U.S. Chamber of Commerce at the Offices of Winston & Strawn, the participants asked questions relating to capital and margin rules and their effects on end-users, general effects of Dodd Frank on pension funds, in particular the time of the stable value study and the effect of the special enity provision of the business conduct rules; definitions of swap dealer as it related to mid-sized banks, swaps and forward exemptions; effect of positon limits on high net worth investors, and end user exceptions as it relates to captive finance companies, real time reporting and FX swaps and forward.