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External Meetings: Meeting with Edison Electric Institute

10/25/2010 1:00 PM
V. Capital & Margin

XI. End-user Exception

CFTC Staff:
Thelma Diaz

John Rothenberg

Jennifer Bauer

George Wilder
Aaron Trent (EEI)

Lopa Parikh (EEI)

John Crespo (AEP)

Lisa Groff (AEP)

Noel Trask (Exelon)

Kate Stengle (FPL)

Brent Hendry (MAE)

Brian J. Wiese (NextEra)
Edison Electric Institute (EEI)

American Electric Power (AEP)


Florida Power and Light Company (FPL)

NextEra Energy (NextEra)
  • Discussion of materials presented by external attendees regarding master agreements netting credit and collateral in energy markets.

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