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External Meetings: Meeting with NextEra Energy Resources (End-User Exception)

10/21/2010 1:00 PM
II. Definitions

XI. End-user Exception

CFTC Staff:
Terry Arbit

George Wilder

Julian Hammar

Mark Fajfar

Dave Aron

Stephen Kane

Christopher Hower

Rosaria Troia

Christopher Cummings

Marshall Horn
Lawrence Silverstein (NextEra)

Brent Hendry (NextEra)

Kate Stengle (NextEra)

Jim Newsome (Delta Strategy Group)
NextEra Energy Resources

Delta Strategy Group
  • This meeting focused on the derivatives-related strategies employed in the asset-intensive energy industry, and how such strategies might fit within the context of the end-user clearing exception to clearing under the Dodd-Frank Act.