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External Meetings: Meeting w/ Financial Services Roundtable

10/19/2011 2:00 PM

CFTC Staff:
Scott O'Malia

JonMarc Buffa

Nancy Schnabel

Natasha Rogers
Kenny Abramowtiz-Capital One

Karl C. Haddeland-CIT Group

William Harvey-Union Bank

Robert Hatch-FSR

Bob Lendino-BB&T

Ellen Marks-FSR

Peter Phelan-CIT Capital Markets

Leo Pylypec-First Tennessee Bank

Bill Sakkab-Capital One

Joe Tessmer-US Bank

Dan Waldman-Toyota Financial
Capital One

CIT Group

Union Bank

The Financial Services Roundtable


CIT Captial Markets

First Tennessee Bank

US Bank

Toyota Financial
  • Participants discussed swap activities of the companies that each represented, the possible effects of Title VII proposed definition of dealer, the IDI loan exemption and the de minimis exemption.

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