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External Meetings: CFTC/SEC Meeting with Financial Services Forum

10/13/2010 2:30 PM
V. Capital & Margin

XIII. SEF Registration

CFTC Staff:
Jeff Burns

David Taylor

Tom Leahy

Mauricio Melara

Jeff Steiner

Rick Shilts

Mark Fajfar

George Wilder

Thelma Diaz

David Van Wagner

Irina Leonova
Jason Manske (MetLife)

Marchanille Folley (Prudential)

Darius Goore (Goldman Sachs)

John Dearie (Financial Services Forum)

Robert C. Lee (Deuthsche Bank)

Gary Sims (BNY Mellon)

Dick Ribbentrop (UBS Americas Inc)

Jeremy Barnum (JP Morgan)

Kate Childress (JP Morgan)

Athanassios Diplas (Deutsche Bank)

Pub Nichoy (Financial Services Forum)

Bert Fuqua (UBS)
Financial Services Forum
  • The discussion focused on emerging Dodd-Frank Act implementation issues, particularly with respect to the complexities arising from the presence and interaction of multiple clearing, execution, and repository facilities¬†in the new regulatory environment.