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External Meetings: Meeting with Bank of America

10/6/2010 1:00 PM
XVIII. Real Time Reporting

CFTC Staff:
Tom Leahy

Jeff Steiner

George Pullen

Aaron Miller

Richard Shilts

Nela Richardson

Sanam Gouloubandi

Carl Kennedy
Sarah Lee (Bank of America)

Gregory Todd (Bank of America)

Michael O’Neill (Bank of America)

Yunho Song (Bank of America)

Robert Whiteford (Bank of America)

Margaret Grieve (Bank of America)

Sarah McAvoy (Bank of America)

Jared Gianatasio (Bank of America)

Ken Raisler (Sullivan & Cromwell)
Bank of America

Sullivan & Cromwell
  • Participants discussed: (i) overview of Bank of America; (ii) block trade minimum size; (iii) block trade time delays; (iv) approach to implementation; (v) current market architecture.