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External Meetings: Staff meeting with Goldman Sachs

8/19/2010 9:00 AM
XVII. Data Recordkeeping
CFTC Staff:
James Marcello

Gabrielle Sudik

Susan Reyes

Kevin Connerty

Gerald Nudge

Andy Hinz

Irina Leonova

Joan Manley

John Rothenberg

Jeff Burns

Bill Banwo

Steven Cho

John Rogers

Greg Kuserk

David Taylor

Rachel Berdansky

Rich Kunas

Julie Mohr

Anne Schubert

Nela Richardson

Sebastian Pujol
Kulbir Arora (GS)

Ashish Bhandari (GS)

Pierre Lamy (GS)

Shel Xu (GS)

Kathleen Gray (SEC)

Miles Treakle (SEC)

Johnson Elugbadebo (FRB)

Erik Heitfield (FRB)
Goldman Sachs
  • The participant discussed the use of data fields needed for the reporting of swaps, as well as data fields and data issues relevant to recordkeeping. Participant discussed current industry practices for data reporting, collection and recordkeeping, and discussed possible future data needs and concerns.

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