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External Meetings: CFTC/SEC consultation with Air Transport Association

8/12/2010 10:00 AM
III. Business Conduct Standards w/ Counterparties
CFTC Staff:
Phyllis Cela

Mike Solinsky

Katie Driscoll

Barry McCarty

Ted Kneller

Russell Battaglia

Peter Sanchez

Todd Prono

Stephanie Horne
Sharon Pinkerton (ATA)

Dave Berg (ATA)

Rick Pressly (Continental Airlines)

Beth Omar (Alaska Air Group)

Reuben Raina (United Airlines)

Steve Spiegel (United Airlines)

Lourdes Gonzalez (SEC)

Joanne Rutkowski (SEC)

Cindy Oh (SEC)

Susan Ervin (SEC)

Michael Reedich (SEC)

Catherine Martin (SEC)
Air Transport Control (ATA)

Continental Airlines

Alaska Air Group

United Airlines
  • The consultation was conducted via teleconference. The participants reviewed the statutory language regarding business conduct, including ?4s(h) and ?4c(a)(7) of the Commodity Exchange Act and ?15F(h) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The participants also discussed the nature and use of swaps in the airline industry and concerns regarding business conduct in the swaps market place.