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External Meetings: Meeting with Reval

8/10/2010 9:00 AM
XVII. Data Recordkeeping
CFTC Staff:
Bill Banwo

Jeff Burns

Andy Hinz

Joan Manley

Susan Reyes

John Paul Rothenberg

Anne Schubert

Andy Thatai

James Marcello

Richard Kunas

Larry Grannan

Irina Leonova

Gabrielle Sudik

Greg Kuserk

John Rogers
Jiro Okochi (Reval)

Philip Pettinato (Reval)

Pat Trozzo (Reval)

Natasha Cowen (SEC)
  • The participant discussed the use of data fields needed for the reporting of swaps, as well as data fields and data issues relevant to recordkeeping. Participant discussed current industry practices for data reporting, collection and recordkeeping, and discussed possible future data needs and concerns.