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External Meetings: Staff meeting with National Futures Association

8/10/2010 12:45 PM
XVIII. Real Time Reporting
CFTC Staff:
Jeff Steiner

Irina Leonova

Tom Leahy

Chris Iacovella

Gabrielle Sudik

Aaron Miller

Nela Richardson

John Rogers

Andy Hinz

Dave Kass

Rick Shilts

Rachel Berdansky
Michael Abramovitz (NFA)

Benjamin Cooper (NFA)

Michael Crowley (NFA)

Dan Driscoll (NFA)

Ken Haase (NFA)

Tim McHenry (NFA)

Mia Zur (SEC)

Natasha Cowen (SEC)

David Michehl (SEC)

Adam Glass (SEC)
  • Meeting requested by NFA to discuss real-time reporting generally and to discuss the technical aspects of a consolidated ticker for real-time reporting.

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