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External Meetings: Managed Funds Association (MFA) and Position Limits Team

8/3/2010 2:00 PM
XXVI. Position Limits

CFTC Staff:
Bruce Fekrat

Stephen Sherrod

Ali Hosseini

James Outen

Carlene Kim

Kenneth Danger

Salman Banaei

Gary Martinaitis

Anuradha Banerjee

David Kass

Tom Littlefield

Carlene Kim
Stuart Kaswell (Managed Funds Association)

Jennifer Han (Managed Funds Association)

Scott Parsons (Delta Strategies Group)

Eric Vincent (Ospraie Management)

Kim Rozman (Hbk Investments)
Managed Funds Association (MFA)

Delta Strategies Group

Ospraie Management

Hbk Investments
  • The participants discussed various issues related to swaps market activity from the perspective of the alternative investment industry.