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External Meetings: Meeting with ISDA

7/16/2014 10:00 AM
XVII. Data Recordkeeping

CFTC Staff:
Stuart Armstrong; Dan Bucsa; Herminio Castro; Katie Driscoll; Laurie Gussow; Sean Healy; Eric Lashner; Esen Onur; Rajal Patel; Sebastian Pujol Schott; Vincent McGonagle
Tara Kruse; Karel Engelen; Chris Young (ISDA); Matt Danton, Jason Pelhank (Barclays); Asher Peren (Goldman Sachs)
The International Swaps and Derivatives Association; Barclays; Goldman Sachs
  • Participants discussed ISDA’s comment letter responding to the Commission’s request for comment on part 45 and related provisions.