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External Meetings: Meeting with Wellington Management

6/28/2011 3:00 PM
XXXII. Large Swaps Trader Reporting

CFTC Staff:
Bruce Fekrat

Ali Hosseini

Jim Outen
Gregory LeBlanc (WM)

David Chang (WM)

Kevin Fitzpatrick (WM)

Subbiah Gopalraman (WM)

Valerie Shey (WM)

Adam Puritz (WM)

Ken Baumgartner (WM)

Richard Hoffman (WM)

Laura LaBash (WM)

Marc Maresco (WM)

Bill Goldenthal (WM)

David Cushing (WM)

Tonda Bourque (WM)

Ned Jeffries (WM)

Robert Ball (WM)

Vinod Stalam (Capstone)

Hunt Shipman (Capstone)
Wellington Management (WM)

Capstone LLC
  • The meeting took place via conference call.  The participants discussed aspects of the proposed large swaps trader reporting system and relation to position limits.

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