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External Meetings: Meeting with Public Pension Plans

6/21/2011 10:00 AM
III. Business Conduct Standards w/ Counterparties

CFTC Staff:
Phyllis Cela

Tim Karpoff

Katie Driscoll

Vivek Jain

Peter Sanchez

Ted Kneller
Leila Bham (SEC)

Rick Dahl (MOSERS)

Jennifer Paquette  (COPERA)

Todd Ludgate  (SWIB)

Cynthia Wilkinson Comer (VRS)

Anne Simpson  (CalPERS)

Sylvia Bell  (TRST)

Jim Newsome (DSG)

Scott Parsons (DSG)

Don Marlais (Lussier, Gregor, Vienna & Associates)
Missouri State Employees Retirement System (MOSERS)

Public Employees’ Retirement Association of Colorado (COPERA)

State of Wisconsin Investment Board (SWIB)

Virginia Retirement Systems (VRS)

California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS)

Teachers Retirement System of Texas (TRST)

Delta Strategy Group (DSG)

Lussier, Gregor, Vienna & Associates
  • The external attendees further discussed the views expressed in the February 18 comment letter signed by eleven public pension plans.