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External Meetings: Hedge Funds Meeting

5/17/2011 11:15 AM
IV. Business Conduct Standards - Internal

V. Capital & Margin

VI. Segregation and Bankruptcy

VII. DCO Core Principles

VIII. Process for Review of Swaps

XIII. SEF Registration
CFTC Staff:
Gary Gensler

Ananda Radhakrishnan

John Lawton

Sarah Josephson

Steve Obie
Adam Cooper, Citadel

Randall Costa, Citadel

Stephen Berger, Citadel

Jay Ryan, King Street

Scott Beardsley, Blue Mountain

Darcy Bradbury, D.E. Shaw

Ted MacDonald, D.E. Shaw

King Street

Blue Mountain

D.E. Shaw
  • Topics of Discussion included:~ ~-Sequencing and Phasing~-Compression~-Clearinghouse Rules~-Clearing Mandate~-Trade Processing~-Segregation~-Portability

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