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External Meetings: Meeting with Kinetix Trading Solutions

4/19/2012 1:00 PM
XVIII. Real Time Reporting

CFTC Staff:
Aravit Menon

George Pullen

John Paul Rothenberg

Lynn Riggs

Esen Onur

Nhan Nguyen

Stephen Sherrod
George Bollenbacher (Kinetix Trading Solutions)

Mike Sherman (Kinetix Trading Solutions)

Amit Karande (Kinetix Trading Solutions)
Kinetix Trading Solutions
  • Meeting with Kinetix Trading Solutions to discuss Block Trade FNPRM~~~ ~~~i. Recommend running the 67-percent notional amount calculation for every individual swap UPI not by swap category;~~~ ~~~ii. Recommend that each strike price for an option have an individual UPI and therefore individual block trade size;~~~ ~~~iii. Recommend running block trade calculations monthly instead of yearly and publishing new sizes on the 3rd day of each month with compliance required by the 5th day of each month to provide market participants with certainty of the rules and publication schedule;~~~ ~~~iv. Recommend swaps with very low trading volume have all trades be treated as block trades.