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External Meetings: Meeting with the Washington Analysis and clients

4/14/2011 10:00 AM
XI. End-user Exception

CFTC Staff:
Eileen Donovan

Lee Ann Duffy

Mark Fajfar

Sarah Josephson

Jim Moser

Steven Seitz

Paul Schlichting
Sam Leaman (WA)

Ryan Schoen (WA)

Tim VandenBerg (WA)

Richard England (WA)

Rob Walton (Atlanta)

Jonathan Liew (Conatus)

Steve Wharton (JP Morgan)

Scott Evans (Millenium)

Will Seddon (Pyramis)

Laura LaBash (Wellington)

Peter Curley (SEC)
Washington Analysis (WA)

Atlanta Capital Management (Atlanta)

Conatus Capital (Conatus)

JP Morgan

Millennium Partners (Millenium)

Pyramis Global Advisors (Pyramis)

Wellington Asset Management (Wellington)

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • The meeting took place at the offices of the CFTC in Washington, D.C. Tim VandenBerg (WA), Richard England (WA), Jonathan Liew (Conatus) and Peter Curley (SEC) joined by telephone conference. CFTC and SEC staff answered questions from the external attendees regarding the status of various rulemakings, including those related to clearing and infrastructure, standardization, margin and capital for uncleared trades, phasing and implementation, cross-margining of futures and swaps and rules not yet proposed.