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External Meetings: Meeting w/ISDA

4/6/2011 2:00 PM
II. Definitions

XIII. SEF Registration

XVIII. Real Time Reporting

XXI. Joint Rules w/ SEC

CFTC Staff:
Scott O'Malia

Laura Gardy

Chris Iacovella

Adrianne Joves
Mary Johannes, ISDA

Robert Pickel, ISDA

Christopher Young, ISDA

Harvey Pitt, Kalorama Partners

Ellen Cohn, Kalorama Partners

Wendy LaDuca, Kalorama Partners

Joshua Cohn, Mayer Brown

Kalorama Partners

Mayer  Brown
  • Participants discussed industry concerns about proposed implementation of regulatory requirements under Dodd-Frank and suggestions for constructive approaches as it relates to SD's & MSP's definitions, joint rules, SEF's & real time reporting.