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External Meetings: Meeting with SIFMA

3/29/2011 3:30 PM
XXVIII. Volcker Rule

CFTC Staff:
Gary Gensler

Sarah Josephson

Paul Schlichting

Amanda Olear

Daniel S. Konar II
Randolph Snook (SIFMA)

William McCoy (Morgan Stanley)

Nancy King (Morgan Stanley)

David Rusoff (Goldman Sachs)

Eric Edwards (Goldman Sachs)

Hugh Conroy (Citi)

Alex Guest (Barclays Capital)

Thomas Gregory (Bank of America)

Athanassios Diplas (Deutsche Bank)

Margaret Tahyar (Davis Polk)
  • SIFMA members broadly discussed the use of metrics by regulators to identify proprietary trading that would violate the Volcker Rule.  The metrics discussion was largely focused on the general categories of metrics that appear in the FSOC's Volcker Rule study.