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External Meetings: Meeting w/ MFA

2/28/2012 2:30 PM

CFTC Staff:
Scott O'Malia

JonMarc Buffa
Stephen Berger-Citadel LLC

Adam Cooper-Citadel LLC

Graham Harper-Delta Strategy Group

Renata Holt-Paulson& Co. Inc.

David Hong-King Street Capital Management, L.P.

Scott Parsons-Delta Strategy Group

Robert Pribble-King Street Capital Management, L.P.

Kim Rozman-HBK Investments LP

Stuart Kaswell-Managed Funds Association

Carlotta King-Managed Funds Association

Laura Harper-Managed Funds Association
Citadel LLC

Delta Strategy Group

Paulson & Co. Inc.

King Street Capital Management, L.P.

HBK Investments LP

Managed Funds Association
  • Participants discussed the phase-in implementation of title VII, cap and margin requirements, real-time acceptance for clearing/customer clearing documentation, proposed rules on making a swap available to trade and segregation of collateral.