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External Meetings: Meeting with Managed Funds Association

2/28/2012 1:00 PM

CFTC Staff:
Bart Chilton

Elizabeth Ritter

Salman  Banaei
Stephen Berger, Citadel LLC

Adam Cooper, Citadel LLC

Renata Holt, Paulson & Co. Inc.

David Hong, King Street Capital Management, L.P.

Scott Parsons, Delta Strategy Group

Robert Pribble, King Street Capital Management, L.P.

Kim Rozman, HBK Investments LP

Stuart Kaswell, Managed Funds Association

Carlotta King, Managed Funds Association

Laura Harper, Managed Funds Association
Citadel LLC

Paulson & Co. Inc.

King Street Capital Management, L.P.

HBK Investments LP

Managed Funds Association
  • Participants discussed (1) Timeline of Implementation for Clearing, Trading, Documentation and Margin Requirements~(2) Capital/Margin Requirements and Netting Issues~(3) Real-Time Acceptance for Clearing/Customer Clearing Documentation~(4) Proposed Rules on Making a Swap Available to Trade~(5) Segregation of Collateral/Customer Liens on Collateral