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External Meetings: Presentation to American Bar Association Conference

2/4/2011 8:15 AM

CFTC Staff:
Dan M. Berkovitz
Other panel participants:  Robert Holifield, US Senate Committee on Agriculture; Pat White, Federal Reserve Board; Ken Raisler (Sullivan & Cromwell) (panel moderator).  Other participants were attendees at an American Bar Association conference on derivatives regulation in Naples, Florida.
ABA members active and knowledeable in derivatives issues.
  • Mr. Berkovitz and the other panelists participated from CFTC headquarters in Washington, DC, by videoconference to the ABA conference in Naples, Florida.  Mr. Berkovtiz gave a general presentation on the CFTC's implementation of the Dodd-Frank legislation.  Questions concerned the timetable for implementation of the final rules, the extraterritorial application of Dodd-Frank, the swap dealer and major swap participants rulemaking, the status of the governance rulemaking, and differences between CFTC and SEC proposed rules.

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