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External Meetings: Meeting with the NFP Electric End User Coalition

2/2/2011 8:30 AM
XVII. Data Recordkeeping

CFTC Staff:
Irina Leonova

David Taylor

Jeff Steiner

Greg Kuserk
Diane Moody (American Public Power Association)

Russ Wasson (National Rural Electric Association)

Scott Scholten (New York Power Authority)

Jeff Walker (ACES Power Marketing)

Kathy Hevezi (ACES Power Marketing)

Julie Barkemeyer (National Rural Electric Cooperative Association)

Patty Dondanville (Schiff Hardin)
American Public Power Association

National Rural Electric Association

New York Power Authority

Large Public Power Association

ACES Power Marketing

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

Schiff Hardin
  • Documentation associated with the swap transactions (master agreement, confirmation, credit support agreement, etc.)