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External Meetings: Meeting with Swiss Re

1/26/2012 9:00 AM
V. Capital & Margin

CFTC Staff:
Tom Smith

Thelma Diaz

Rafael Martinez

Todd Prono

Beverly Loew

Jennifer Bauer

John Dunfee
Adam Chodkowski/ Swiss Re

Ariel Halpert/ Swiss Re

Brad Weisberg/ Swiss Re

Carolyn Coda/ Swiss Re

Cosette Simon/ Swiss Re

Seth Meyer/ Swiss Re

Timothy Gillen/ Swiss Re

Michael Jamroz/Deloitte

Phone attendees

Alexandre Tzenev/ Swiss Re

Brett Gansen/ Swiss Re

Dan Katz/ Swiss Re

James Bell/ Swiss Re

Mitchell Mintz/ Swiss Re

Peter Antal/ Swiss Re

Peter Middelkamp/ Swiss Re

Wolfgang Vogel/Swiss Re
Swiss Re

  • Meeting discussing proposed capital requirements for swap dealers for weather and other event derivatives.

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