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External Meetings: Discussion of Proposed Volcker Rule

1/24/2012 12:30 PM
XXVIII. Volcker Rule

CFTC Staff:
Gary Gensler;

Dan Berkovitz;

Gary Barnett;

Steven Seitz
Thomas Quaadman (U.S. Chamber of Commerce);

Kristin Angus (U.S. Chamber of Commerce);

Andrew Siff (Siff & Associates);

Richard W. Scott (Loews Corporation);

John L. Newman (Dominion Resources);

Michael Bopp (Gibson Dunn)

Christina Crooks (Financial Executives International)
U.S. Chamber of Commerce;

Siff & Associates;

Loews Corporation;

Dominion Resources;

Gibson Dunn;

Financial Executives International
  • Meeting on the CFTC's proposed Volcker Rule.~~~ ~~~• Discussed how the CFTC's Volcker Rule may effect market liquidity; ~• Discussed the quantitative metrics and how they should be applied by regulators;~• Discussed the Volcker Rule's application to the securities and derivatives/swaps markets.~~~ ~~~The Chamber of Commerce distributed the attached handouts.