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External Meetings: Meeting with Dan Maguire, Head of SwapClear US

1/14/2013 1:30 PM
XVIII. Real Time Reporting


CFTC Staff:
Jill Sommers

Marcia Blase

Kevin Batteh

Jon Debord
Dan Maguire, Head of SwapClear US

Lisa Rosen, Group Head of Compliance and Public Affairs

Suzanne Calcagno, North American Head of Compliance

Dave Stanley, SwapClear New Product and Risk Development, LCH Clearnet

Greg Hawkes, LCH Clearnet's SwapClear

Susan Milligan
LCH. Clearnet

SwapClear US
  • Particpants discuss LCH. Clearnet's plans for compliance with the CFTC Rule 38.19(b)(7) requiring near-real time acceptance or rejection of trades by DCO's and LCH. Clearnet's US Plans for 2013.