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Exemptive Letters

Exemptive Letters
07-13 PDF Image; Regulation 1.55(c)(3); Exemption
The Commission provided a registered futures commission merchant (“FCM”) with an exemption from Commission Regulation 155.3(c)(3), which requires an FCM that handles the account of an associated person (“AP”) of another FCM, or introducing broker (“IB”), to send to the other FCM or IB certain account statements and written records relating to the AP’s account. The exemption applies where the IB has been provided electronic access to the information required to be transmitted by means of its access to an Automated Order Routing System (“AORS”). This relief is subject to conditions that the Company: (1) receive a written statement from the IB in which such IB acknowledges and agrees to the foregoing arrangement; and (2) promptly furnish to the IB, upon its request, floor and office order tickets related to trading of the IB’s APs.