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Listing Procedures

  • Contract Approval Filing Fees

    The CFTC requires that applications for approval of contracts be accompanied by a nonrefundable filing fee. The filing fee is payable by the exchange at the time it submits a contract(s) for approval. The fees are revised annually, based on a moving average of actual costs incurred by the CFTC staff in reviewing product approval requests over the preceding three-year period.

    The per contract filing fees in effect as of March 10, 2004 are as follows:

    Regular Fees

    • A single futures contract or an option on a physical—$6,000.
    • A single option on a previously approved futures contract—$1,000.
    • A submission of a futures contract and an option on that futures contract—$6,500.

    Reduced Fees for Simultaneous Submission of Multiple Cash-Settled Index Contracts and Multiple Contracts on Major Currencies

    The Commission has adopted reduced filing fees for submissions containing multiple contracts. These reduced fees are as follows:

    • A submission of multiple related futures contracts—$6,000 for the first contract, plus $600 for each additional contract.
    • A submission of multiple related options on futures contracts—$1,000 for the first contract, plus $100 for each additional contract.
    • A combined submission of multiple futures contracts and options on those futures contracts—$6,500 for the first combined futures and option contract, plus $650 for each additional futures and option contract.

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