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CFTC Reports

  • Web Content Inventory of Information

    The mission of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission is to protect market users and the public from fraud, manipulation, and abusive practices related to the sale of commodity and financial futures and options, and to foster open, competitive, and financially sound futures and option markets. The CFTC disseminates a wide variety of information through its website.

    The CFTC has a long-standing policy of placing as much information as possible and practical on its website. The CFTC will continue to identify any frequently requested information that is not already available on the CFTC website and to publish it as soon as practicable.  If new information becomes available at the CFTC that is important to the public, we are committed to putting it on our website.  If you have suggestions for additional information we should have on the CFTC website, please email our Webmaster.

    Category of Information/Services


    Target Date

    Large Trader Reports

    Modify report formats to enhance usability and functionality.

    As resources permit.

    Customer Information

    Improve usability and functionality of information about the CFTC’s administrative and injunctive enforcement actions and its statutory disqualification from registration proceedings (the Proceedings Bulletin) and the CFTC Reparations program. Develop online filing for Reparations Complaint form and improve functionality and usability of the filing checklist and program rules.

    As available, unless otherwise required by law.

    Federal Register and FOIA

    Provide website users with the ability to easily search and retrieve Federal Register notices, comment files, and other FOIA information and integrate this initiative with other federal e-Gov initiatives.

    As available, unless otherwise required by law.