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Energy & Environmental Markets Advisory Committee

  • Energy and Environmental Markets Advisory Committee Associate Members as of February 17, 2016




    Joseph W. Allen

    Caterpillar Inc. and Solar Turbines Inc.

    Director of Energy Policy

    Susan Bergles

    American Gas Association

    Assistant General Counsel

    Sharon Brown-Hruska

    Tulane University, Energy Institute

    Visiting Professor of Finance

    Lael E. Campbell


    Director, Governmental and Regulatory Affairs and Public Policy

    Rob Creamer

    Futures Industry Association

    Board Member & Chairman, FIA Principal Traders Group

    Todd Creek

    ICAP Energy LLC


    Arushi Sharma Frank

    Electric Power Supply Association

    Director of Regulatory Affairs and Counsel, Regulatory Affairs

    Paul Hughes

    Southern Company

    Manager of Risk Control

    Vincent B. Johnson

    BP Integrated Supply and Trading

    Head of Regulatory and Policy Affairs

    William B. Jones

    Jones Petroleum

    Chief Executive Officer

    Raymond A. Kahn,

    Futures Industry Association

    Board Member

    Sue Kelly

    American Public Power Association

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    Ron S. Oppenheimer

    Commercial Energy Working Group


    Michael Padgett

    Alcoa Energy

    Vice President of Energy and Carbon Strategy

    Michael Prokop

    Deloitte and Touche, LLP


    Richard Sandor

    Environmental Financial Products LLC

    University of Chicago Law School

    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

    Aaron Director Lecturer in Law & Economics

    Victoria Sharp

    Citigroup Energy Inc.

    Managing Director & General Counsel

    Russ Wasson

    National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

    Director of Tax, Finance and Accounting Policy

    EEMAC Committee Members